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So, remember that time when Jordi came back to England and we stopped transatlantically baking? So do I…. It was a year of joy, where we baked and ate together and…mostly drank a lot?

Sadly, the UK Border Agency had other ideas for my dear friend, and as a result, her, and her fantastic husband Robbie are returning to Canada. “But wait!” I hear you say…”does that mean that The Royal Moose is no longer defunct?”


In fact, I just baked a pretty awesome loaf of bread.


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I’ve been too busy to bake this week – one of the unfortunate compromises that has to be made when working in retail at the busiest time of the year and trying to write essays at the same time. However, each Wednesday I have something come through my letterbox which gives me almost as much joy as making brownies (almost). 

Graze are a company who make amazing snack boxes, encouraging you to snack more healthily instead of eating biscuits all the time (which I will admit is slightly at odds with the idea of this blog – i.e. eating lots of cake). You can rate all of the different snacks they offer, and from that they choose how regularly to send you different things. My favourite part of receiving these boxes is having no idea what will be inside when I open it. This week I’ve been sent fiery seeds, oatcakes with caramelised onion marmalade, coconut flakes, dried mango and pineapple, and dried cranberries with almonds and chocolate drops. In the past they’ve sent me sundried tomato bread, olives, and tiny breadsticks with basil infused olive oil. All of it tastes so good.

The only bad thing is that they currently only ship to the UK, but hopefully one day they will open a Canadian branch of Graze so Jordi (and all other Canadians) can experience snacking joy. Until then, if you live in the UK, and like the idea of nice food coming through your letterbox on a regular basis, I suggest you sign up! They sent me a cut-out cardboard snowman yesterday as well. Now I know you’re definitely jealous. 

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